Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Look at those Healthy Cheeks!"

Said the Doctor at Ty's 4-month check-up earlier this week.  Healthy is right: Ty weighed 16 lbs. 9 oz. (72%) and measured 26 3/4 inches (92%).  His head is a very normal 49%.  Needless to say, more than his cheeks give away how healthy he is!  Ty's had some dry patches of skin and lots of little bumps on his tummy and the dr. said that this was a bit of eczema.  Not that this is good news, but it's easily treatable with a routine rubbing of moisturizer and Hydrocortizone cream on trouble spots.  Truth be told, I looked up eczema on wikipedia to get a little more information and under Cause it read, "The hygiene hypothesis postulates that the cause of asthma, eczema and other allergic diseases, is an unusually clean environment."  Now, weather we go along with the hypothesis or not is still up in the air, but I really don't need another excuse not to clean more often.

Back at the ranch, Ty is a healthy boy and for this we are happy.  Due to the fact we're switching insurance, he was able to evade his 4-month shots, but he'll get them in a few weeks.  He's a drool bucket and wets his bibs, shirts, hands, etc. and likes to gnaw on stuff like hands of others, whatever clothes or blankets he can reach, and his froggy pacifier's feet, hands, and bum.  Teeth shouldn't have too much trouble coming in the way he chews and drools.  The dr. talked about starting food and I KNOW Ty was paying attention to this because it seems like since then he watches Russell and I eat and whines because he's not getting any food.  Tonight, for example, he was playing on his play mat while we ate.  He kept whining, so I eventually picked him up and ate one-handed.  (Wait--isn't that how most people eat, anyway?)  He was staring down my chicken and rice!  We were tempted to give him his Christmas present of rice cereal, bowls, and spoons early, but didn't.  I think he'll get it and start eating sometime next week when we're at my parents' house.  Obviously, he's ready.

There's really not much to complain about with this Ty guy, but recently HE's found something to complain about to us: getting dressed.  Even if he's happy before getting undressed, as soon as the onesie comes up near his head, he starts fussing.  If we let him be nakie for a bit he's happy, but as soon as clothes start getting put on, he's mad again and will stiff-arm us.  What the heck?  Maybe he doesn't like getting his clothes on, but I know he is a fan of more "physical playing," I guess you could say.  You know, stuff like swinging around or bouncing or being gently tossed/placed in the big green pillow (for those of you who have not visited, I mean the monstersack/luvsac/bean bag thing) is super fun to him.  He also has learned to squeal and will do this when he's playing by himself.  He still doesn't like tummy time and will often end it early by spitting up and, because we're not mean parents, we don't make him go face-down in his own yak.  Oh, and he's ticklish!  He laughs when you tickle his feet, neck, tummy (sometimes) and armpitties.  We really like him and are SO excited to be going to Darrington and Fairfield so others can see him, too!   Now, please enjoy some pictures.   

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a cuddler.  It's true.
 Swinging at the park in the beautiful weather.  Check out those awesome swings!  Very comfy.
 More bundled than he needed to be, but how cute is that hat and binky smile? Very.
 Ty was begging for some food while Russell and I were eating salad, so I let him lick a dry piece of lettuce.  Verdict: he loved it.
 Sometimes he'll hold his own bottle.  I have no idea what kind of look that is...
 He is (generally) so good about being in his stroller and smiling at people, looking around, and talking to himself when we're out and about.  Here we were at the Venetian getting something from a gift shop.  Even though we didn't even go in any gambling areas (and the Venetian is gorgeous), there's something weird about taking a baby into a casino.
 Watching the BYU game at a sports restaurant.  At first, Ty loved seeing all of the football games on the dozens of screens, but it got a little overwhelming and he got tired, but couldn't fall asleep and got real cranky. Plus, BYU lost, but that's another story.
 Cute.  Love this sweater on him, too!  By the way, he was wearing pants, not shorts with tall socks, but he likes to pull on his clothing and make his pants into shorts.
 Mysterious Ty...Or just a baby who likes to pull blankets up to his face so he can chew on them.  Sometimes we have lessons on how to pull blankets off of your face.
 Hanging around.  Whether in this wrap thing or in a sling (thanks Mimi), he likes to be able to look around and be part of the action, but still be close to someone like a mommy or dad.
Ty's excited to see lots of people this Christmas/wedding time, too!