Monday, March 28, 2011

Mini Rant: Teaching License Renewal

I dare you to look at this website and tell me how helpful it is in giving instructions on how to renew your license:  I find it unhelpful.
I have my Nevada Teaching License, but it expires in August of this year.  In order to renew it, I need to have completed the provisions on the back of my license and submit necessary forms and $80 (<---lame).  I'm all about figuring out how to do this on my own and I feel that I'm a fairly competent person, but the Nevada Dept. of Education website is SO confusing and unhelpful.  To remove the provisions on my license I had to take a series of tests and be fingerprinted, which I did.  I spent way too long trying to figure out where I could see if these provisions were removed to make sure the paperwork/results came through but could not find on the website where the heck to view my license!  I called the dept. of Ed. and after going through what seemed like a 5-minute automated phone system, found out that I need to click on the little link that says "Find a Teacher" in an obscure part of the site that's not in any of the dozens of lists anywhere else. Why can't it say, "View your license."  (I didn't need to be found, I know exactly where I am.)  Dumb wording.  Anyway, the renewal application that needs to be sent in has a section about completing credits and submitting transcripts, so since I'm renewing, I assumed this applied to me.  I have taken some classes and have some credits, so I was planning on submitting them, but it's a good thing I didn't!  I talked to someone from the licensing dept. and she said that if I submitted them, they wouldn't count towards the credits I would need for the next time I apply, which is also kinda dumb.  THEN I looked at my license and the only provision I have un-cleared is my fingerprints.  What?!  I had those done in August of 2008 in Reno and January of 2011 in Las Vegas.  They had to be cleared in order for me to work in a classroom.  What the heck?  So, of course, I was re-directed to someone and left a message for her and will hopefully get this all cleared up soon.

Bottom line, our entire education system needs a major makeover.  Any volunteers?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Matchy, Matchy!

Look at how cute these guys are!  These were taken about a month ago when Russell and Ty were completely intentionally matching.  Of course, Russell was able to keep the drool off of his shirt a little better...  

Love these dudes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Magical PJ's

I don't know what it is about these pajamas, but when Ty was wearing them, he was SUPER happy!  He was being a goofball on the floor laughing on his side at night and in the morning, was being all cute on the bed.  (Sometimes we hang out in my room if he wakes up early.)  Anyway, thanks for the Pj's, Grandma Jane!

I guess he should wear them more often!

Ty Food :)


Ty's been having a fun time with the eating, especially in his new high chair.  So far, he hasn't met a food he didn't like..or at least keep eating.  The less-fun parts come when Ty sneezes right when I'm putting a bite in his mouth as shown in Exhibit A:  (It really was worse than it looks; I don't think you can see it on my face/mouth, but it is.)

Ty generally is fairly good at getting the food in his mouth unless, of course, he wants to have a sweet 'stache like his dad.  Then he's sure to get those peas on his upper lip.  See Exhibit B:  (I love how they both have squinty eyes in this pictures--extra matchy!)
Last, but not least, check out Ty's multicultural eating experience.  He ate a few bites of rice with chopsticks on his own! (Okay, so he didn't, but some day he will.)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, Boy Cousins!

(See, that's a play on words because Ty only has boy cousins and "Oh, boy!" Like excited for cousins...Sorry, it's kind of dumb.)  Moving right along, I love that my sisters have kids near the same age as Ty.  I wonder what their relationships are going to be like when they're older; hope they're buds.  I'm grateful to have cousins around the same age as me, minus the drama (I) caused at some family gatherings.  Due to Russell's only-childness, Ty won't have quite as many, so I sure hope he likes these ones!  I love seeing them together.

 Back in November, Ty and Soren in their matching jammies. We told Soren to hold Ty's hand.  :)
 Carl can ALWAYS make the little guys laugh--even during a diaper change!  He came in quite useful when we were taking pictures and needed the babies to smile. 
 Look how 'dorable they are!  They look about the same age size-wise, even though Sawyer is 10 weeks older. 
 Those 10 weeks obviously come to play in maturity.  Sawyer says, "What the heck?!  What a baby."
 Matching cousins at Auntie Isa and Uncle Matt's wedding 
 Ty and Soy playing together in/around Sawyer's jumperoo thing.  I anticipate seeing this look in the future when they really are caught doing something bad!
 Matching jammies this time!  Looks like Ty upset Soren a bit...
 Apparently, we like to match all over!  Matching jammies, matching binkies, matching mom's in purple...
 Uncle Kai-Kai loves hes little nephews!  (He told me he loves the one on the left the most, of course.)
 This was in January when we stayed with the Swifts so Ty slept in Soren's crib.  Soren was so nice and dropped in a few trucks for Ty to play with then held his hand.
 Cousin bath time!  We did have a picture even cuter than this with both boys laughing, but in order to protect the modesty of the family, it hasn't visited photoshop, so it's not on here.

Too bad those cousins don't live closer.  We love you guys!