Monday, April 12, 2010

Same Old, Same Old...

It has recently come to my attention (thank you, Russell) that I need a hobby. I'm thinkin' hard about this one because it seems like everything I like to do involves other people and I may have to get used to not having lots of other people around once this little person comes. Anyway, I also need a hobby because we need something to take pictures of besides our stomachs. It's getting old. I know we've done things, but I apparently don't take pictures of it all. We're leaving for Pryor, OK to visit with fam and I'm excited to go. I promise I'll have some pictures of that--at least the scenery/people will be different! For now, here's 26 weeks, the end of the 2nd trimester:

I think Russell was trying to get the baby to kick in his tummy...

On a different note, happy Spring Break to all of you in Washoe County (or any other school district that's slow like ours)! I slept in this morning, took a bathtub-full of bags to Goodwill, ran a few more errands, and had the missionaries over for dinner. Oops--I just remembered I was supposed to fold the clothes in the dryer. Looks like a good place to stop! Like I said: happy spring break. :)

...But before I go, please let it be known how grateful I am for the loaned/donated maternity clothes from others. I appreciate them all. All except one article, that is. Tina, love you and love your clothes-sharing, but hate the jeans. They're either sagging so I feel like a thug or flooding so I feel like a Middle-schooler who grew 4 inches overnight. Today is the first and last day I'm wearing them. You'll get them back, don't worry. That is all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Only good things come in a pink box

I'm a talker. (Not a surprise.) Sometimes I like to chat with other teachers/staff at school and share my thoughts and deepest desires. For example, last Wednesday I was talking with Stacy, a school counselor and pal, and mentioned how I check the donut case when I go to the grocery store in hopes of finding some glazed/iced/jelly-filled friend to come home with me. Luckily, I usually go after work when pickin's are slim so the temptation's not as strong. When I came into work last Friday Stacy had put a lovely pink box on my desk.
I opened it up and what did I find? See, that's the problem: I'm not really sure. It could be a life-saving device. It could be a spare tire for my sweet ride. It could very well be one of those things you're supposed to sit on after giving birth to relieve a bit of pain that may be felt in the bum region. Certainly no plastic fork was going to get through it.

Naturally, I did what any self-respecting pregnant lady would do: I waited until I could show it to Russell and then we ate it...for dessert on Friday, shared some with cousin Jonner who stopped by on account of "the storm" (AKA, he heard we had some pastry goodness), and ate the rest for breakfast the next morning. 3 people x 2 meals = big ol' donut.
Since then the little guy inside has been more move-y. Sugar rush? He's probably just excited about the thought that some day he'll get to eat more. So am I, buddy. So am I.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

So Many Things to be Happy About...

Reno's current weather is not one of them. Why, pray tell, is it still super cold and windy and supposedly snowing tonight? Ridiculous. April showers cannot bring any May flowers if they're all going to freeze as little bud-lets! Soon enough I'm sure I'll be missing cooler weather. For now, no thanks to cold.

So, lately we've been doing stuff and having a grand ol' time doing that stuff. Stuff consists of things like:

Going to Fairfield and spending some time with family, seeing a play (great job, Da'), and going to cousin Cindy's baby shower. So fun to be with prego cousins/sister!

Happy Easter to everyone. This year was Russell's turn to fill and hide our Easter baskets. He added the extra bonus of candy-filled eggs around the house. Our friends Travis and Melissa came over and we watched Gen. Conf. and ate lots of food (including pull-apart/monkey bread) and played darts. We know the real reason to celebrate Easter is the resurrection of our Savior and are grateful for the extra emphasis on the importance of living Christlike lives and accessing of the Atonement when we don't that this Sunday brings.

I had another Dr. visit last Thurs. Things are going incredibly normally, which is perfect to me. Next time I go in I get to have a shot where the sun don't shine. (Thanks for the negative blood type, Mom.) Maybe the compatible blood type question should be added to the list of "must-ask-on-a-first-date-to-see-if-things-can-go-further." Whatever. Russell, you're worth a shot in the hiney. As the waistline grows, so does the excitement!

Only one more week of school until spring break. Then it's time to start a-packin' and relax with Russell's Mom and Co. in Oklahoma for 5 days. Can't wait!