Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aaaaand we're back!

I suppose the Christmas frenzy took precedence over keeping this thing up.  Oops.  Good news is, I had already (easily) met my goal of 50 posts in 2011 and, as a related bit, I also tried 50 new recipes!  It really wasn't that hard, especially with and, which I [obviously] endorse.  So, now for this year I plan to do the following:
   -51 more blog posts
   -read 6 more books
   -try 51 more new recipes
Basically, I'm just going to "+1" to the stuff I did last year.  I can do it.  I'll get more specific with my year's goals later...And I'll actually post something worth reading (hopefully).  Until then, Happy New Year!  I have some lemon-lime white chocolate chip cake mix cookies to go eat.  That would be recipe #5 for the year.  Boo-ya.