Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"How To Make Muffins" by Ty Gourlie

A couple of days ago Ty brought me this package of muffin mix (which actually passed the "best by" date last week, but we're still okay) and was asking for muffins.  I had to explain that we actually needed to make and cook the muffin mix before we had blueberry muffins.  So today for lunch while Russell was racing go-karts an the babies were sleeping, that's exactly what we did.  Using my phone camera, I documented the steps we took so you, too can make delicious muffins.
First, don your awesome "ape-err-rin" that may or may not be your dad's old t-shirt that your mom cut for you and tied with a pink ribbon from a present your little sisters received the day before.
 Next, line the cupcake tin with...liners.  Choose your colors wisely.
 After you help pour in both ingredients (mix and milk), mix carefully by stirring in a circle.  As shown below, it helps to say, "Mixing...mixing...mixing..."
 While your mom checks on a fussy sister in the other room, sneak a lick off the spoon and leave a big ring around your mouth so you can obviously get caught.  To ease the situation, say, "It tastes good" to make it seem like you were supposed to taste it.  All good chefs/bakers do this.
 When the batter's all mixed up, scoop some into the muffin tins.  Help from your mom is probably a good thing here.
 "Accidentally" get some on your hand so you can lick it off.
 When the muffin pan has to go into the oven, throw a tantrum because you can't eat all of the batter.  (Excuse the mess and un-made bed, please.)
 Get over your tantrum and come back into the kitchen with your spoon and for protection, your blanket.
 While the muffins are baking, make a smoothie.  Get out bananas, blueberries, yogurt, and milk.
 After half of the ingredients are in the blender cup, decide you would rather eat the yogurt than put it in the smoothie...err...milk blended with berries and bananas.
 Make sure to watch the muffins baking!
 Tell your mom when the "ding! ding! ding!" happens and yell "It's ready!"
Admire your hard work.  Good job, baker.
While eating the muffins and smoothie, Ty asked me to sing "a muffin song."  Good thing I know one!  We repeated "Ty-Ty is the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man.  Ty-Ty is the muffin man..._______________" and switched up the last phrase each time.  I love spending time with my biggest little muffin.