Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In case you haven't heard...

...We moved! Russell started the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UNLV in June, so we looked for and found a place to live in May. We live in a quaint apartment in Henderson. It actually has about 200 sq. ft. more than our last place, so it's great. It would have been real easy to just move on down to So. Nevada, but we would rather complicate things, so we did. Check this "moving schedule" out:
-May 21st: Russell moves main stuff down in truck and trailer, C.J. stays with a friend to finish the school year in Reno
-May 27th: C.J. flies down for the 1st half of Memorial day weekend to set some things up in the new place, flies up to Fairf for the 2nd half, gets a ride back to Reno from Kai.
-June 1st: Russell officially starts school
-June 11th: C.J.'s school year ends, so Russell drives up in truck which is loaded up with remaining things (classroom boxes, baby stuff, etc.) and we drive back down the next day. C.J.
and Russell in Henderson together (hooray!), things get put away and more settled in

(Big grins=end of school year)
My roommate/buddy Julie
Russell was serious about this crib set up. He did a perfect job!
I was serious about sorting through baby stuff and make Russell stop and look at the cute shoes/outfits/doo-haws all of the time. :) So happy that it's now in a closet and not in bins.

-June 24th: Drive to UT with Tina and Soren in the truck for cousin Jacob's wedding
-June 27th: Russell drives back down to Henderson on account of having classes the next day
-June 28th: C.J. rides out with G'ma and G'pa to Reno and stays with a friend again; will switch staying-with-friend at the end of the week.
-CURRENTLY: Russell in Henderson, C.J. in Reno until baby comes and she sends him a text to get the heck off his atrium and fly to the hospital!

Sound crazy? Yeah, I know. Our schedule of when we all can finally settle down in Henderson will be another story which depends entirely on when our little dude arrives. I know you're jealous of our living situation. Don't be. While this may not seem to make a whole lot of sense, we know that this is right for our family at this time. I am grateful for the confirmation received through prayer that although things might not always make the most logical sense, if we do what's right, we'll be happy. I'm essited for all kinds of happiness in the near future!

Trippin' out East

Thanks, Russell, for that last lovely update. I realize that the blog has received some neglect and has probably lost all possible readers, but I will begin the catch-up nonetheless.

SO, in April, we took a trip to Pryor, Oklahoma to visit with Kelly (Russell's mom) and Jim (stepdad) during my Spring break. It was the perfect break from our "everyday." All of the days sort of blurred together because we did so much relaxing and hanging out. We visited a few consignment shops--there were so many good ones!--spent some time outside, played with the animals (dogs, horses, the duck, etc.) rode on some horsies, and really had a good time visiting. I have no idea when we'll go out again, but I hope it's not too far away!

Gettin' a feel for the animals. Check out the beautiful landscape! It's not all "Grapes of Wrath/dust bowl" at all! Judge not, folks.

Going through Russell trunk o' memories that his mom had with things like report cards, school assignments, pictures, and baby things. He wrote some funny stuff as a kid! Nice to know he was (is) smart, though.

Russell let me wear his jacket...I think that means we're finally officially going steady.
The Horse Whisperer

Riding horses: C.J. on Poopsie, Russell on Rusty, Daisy in the background
My mom saw these pictures and said, "You look kind of lumpy, not pregnant." That's probably why pregnant people shouldn't ride horses: not attractive. (Not to mention that falling off is extra bad and it kind of hurt my stomach muscles after a dr. did approve, though.)
At one of the second-hand store. It's a good thing we had limited suitcase space or I would have brought back far too many things.
Kelly, Russell, and Jim. :)
On our way back from the airport, we stopped in Sacramento area for the blessing of cousin Matt and Courtney's baby, Luke. Cute little guy and cute little great aunt! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010