Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ty had another (see Oct. 17th post) encounter with a lady yesterday, little Anita from church.  Here's the story as told by Ty:

"Apparently Anita can read, so she saw my bib and came over to get herself a piece of my drooly goodness.
 "Yee-ah.  You like what you see, huh girl?
 "Wait...Anita, you're a nice girl and all, but, uh, see there's this other nice girl, Addie, and uh...wait--where are you taking me?!
 "Save me, Dad!  Oh, and don't tell Addie.
 "What? It's not my fault--my mom dressed me.  False advertising."

Funny thing is, Anita is twice Ty's age, but smaller than him.  Is it wrong that I chronicle/make up Ty's love life?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Veteran's Day Weekend

We took advantage of Russell's 4-day weekend and drove the 300 miles to San Clemente, CA to hang out with Tina, Hunter, and Soren.  We had a fun time!

Tina and wiggly Soren. He's so funny/talkative/2!
 Perspective is a little off since they look the same size, but Soren kept climbing in Ty's "castle" with him.  We had to protect beebee Ty from accidental kicks and swats to the face.  :)
 Whenever Ty was crying, Soren would find and bring the "froggy with a binky on his head" and stick in Ty's mouth. Sometimes it even worked!  He's going to be a good big brother someday.
 At Mosun sushi and seafood place.  (Wow--the flash really worked because we were sitting in very dim lighting.)  The food was fabulous and Ty slept the whole time.
 Cousin bath!
 Check out those (almost) matching jammies!
 Sweet.  (I wish my big face wasn't in this.)
 Again trying to be nice, Soren brought Ty his Bambi, Mickey, and Eeyore to play with.  A bit much, but apparently, he likes 'em!
What you see: family picture.  What you don't see: Ty's clothes are pee-soaked (see previous post), Russell's pants are wet in a very suspicious spot.  And yet we smile through it.  :)
It's nice to have some family not too far away.  Thanks for letting us come, guys!

3 1/2 months: Alive and Well.

Time for a Ty update!  Russell and I are very lucky that Ty is such a good baby. Of course, I haven't had any others, so I don't know what a 24/7 "bad" baby is, but we really like our little guy.  Here are some of his current favorites:

-Grabbing his hands, toys, blankets, etc. and putting them in his mouth.  While we were out to lunch last week, Ty grabbed a loaded nacho chip off of the plate and dumped it on himself!
-Drool-bombing and spitting=many wet onesies up top
-EATING.  Anyone who's been around Ty at meal time knows that this kid is adamant about his food.  He wants it and will yell-scream to let you know it.  0 to loud in a matter of seconds!  At least he lets us know, right?
-Carrying on conversations.  He seems to think it's funny when you repeat what he "says" and his vocabulary of coo's is getting quite varied!
-Keeping his parents on their toes about his potty habits.  He'll go for days (5 is his record) without pooping, but overflow wet diapers very quickly.  We just never know what to expect.
-Playing.  Ty is starting to get bored by himself and wants to be entertained, usually by me since I'm around most often.  Sometimes all I have to do is look at him or talk to him briefly and sometimes it requires picking him up for a full-on song and dance around the room.
-Sitting/Standing.  Ty would generally rather be sitting than laying down and standing than sitting.  The problem is, he really can't do anything but lay without lots of assistance and he will only last so long in the Bumbo seat.  (Here he's getting a little extra support for his first Baby Einstein video experience.)

 He fell asleep while playing.  Play hard, sleep hard, right?
 On his way to get some clean clothes; he peed through these ones in church and left a nice wet spot on Russell's pants.
 Yea for bath time!  He's about outgrown his tub...
 Playing while sitting up: multi-tasking.
 Having a lovely conversation with Mom.
 Happy guy.
 And here's some laughing, playing, and talking all in one!
He's growing, for sure.  Russell plans to teach Ty to drive pretty soon.  He's awesome.

(P.S. Ty is SO much better in person than in pictures.  Come see for yourself!)