Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Sister Rescue: Part 1, NorCal

From Las Vegas Ty and I flew into San Francisco International on Virgin America airline.  I recommend it, by the way because it looks a bit like a club when you walk in, the plane (seats) was (were) fairly new, and you could watch TV or play games with the remote.  Plus, nobody was sitting next to us on the plane. This proved incredibly helpful when Ty wet his and my pants on our descent.  Aka, there was no getting up to go to the bathroom, so he was changed and pantsed on the middle seat and I sat with a big ol' wet spot on my leg.  (At least it was just pee, right?  With this boy on airplanes, it could have been much worse.)  Anyway, we got to spend a few days with my parents until they left for D.C. and then I watched Carl and Sawyer while Lel was at work all night.  Ty was less than cooperative and got a little jealous that I was paying attention to another baby; he showed developmental signs of mommy attachment.  The timing was less than perfect.  Speaking of timing, one nephew of mine was sick in the middle of the night, so I got to stay up with him for a while.  I would write more about it, but I'm going to have to respect his privacy on this one.  Due to a sick kid and lots to do before leaving for D.C. herself, Lel stayed home the next night, so I really wasn't as much help as I could have been. I was help, however, when Leslie was signing papers for her house (which I got to see!) for a couple of hours and had a baby blow out his diaper.  I was happy to go and visit and for Ty and Soy to get to play together, even if Sawyer did make Ty cry because 1) Soy is a little older/rougher and 2) Ty was being a pansy.  Next time I'll get to see the Espinoza's house when they actually live in it and my parents' house when nobody does.  We're growing up...
FINALLY!  After 3-4 attempts, pictures uploaded!

Post-wetting our pants, Ty is strapped in for the landing!  Actually, this is probably after we had landed.  He is fascinated with buckles lately! 
Cousin bath!  I love Ty's endless rolls.  He also obviously doesn't get the Pasty Pedersen coloring that Soy inherited.
 These 2 played with/fought over Leslie's keys for about 10 minutes!  Ty had to settle for a coaster.  (Check out the size difference here--there is none!)
 Mor-Mor with her (almost) matching grandboys watching Baby Einstein before bed.
 Carl was our fabulous photographer for this one where I struggled to hold and smile with 2 wiggly little boys!
 Since Sawyer is the mobile one, he took the liberty of crawling right over Ty.  Sometimes it was funny, sometimes Ty got upset.  Toughen up, Ty!
 "Walking" with G-g'pa.  Walking means that his feet get really excited and go way ahead of his body.
 With the G-g'parents!  (My mom's parents.) We're glad we got to see them during our visit and although it doesn't appear that way, the babies were too.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Note to Self

Here are a few things that have become apparent to me lately that I need to remember:

-Do NOT buy "Super skinny" jeans.  I decided to join the rest of society and buy a pair of skinny pants, but super skinny was definitely not for me.  The waist and tush fit so I know I had the right size, but my calves were bustin' out of those suckers!  I really felt like I was wearing denim paint that dried and crusted so it was difficult to walk.  I was afraid we'd have to break out the butter for me to get them off and was reminded of an shopping experience with me Dad when I was 6.  He took me to Mervyn's as part of our Special Day (1 day a year each kid did fun stuff with just Dad) and I was trying on some new jeans.  Since I was 6, my dad picked out a pair of size 6 jeans and said, "Oh, C.J., you're pretty skinny, so try size 6 Slim."  I tried to convince him otherwise--at least in my mind I did--but I put on the pants in the dressing room anyway.  30 minutes later, I finally got out of them!  From that day to today, I know, you know, we all know that I'm not a size "slim" or "super skinny."  Good thing I kept the receipt, because this pair of jeans is being returned. 

-Wear a poncho when giving Ty a bath.  He discovered splashing and loves it.  I, however, got all kinds of wet during his last bath, so I grabbed a towel for myself.  This proved to be a smart and helpful move.  Next time I will be prepared.

-If I wash all of our laundry, Ty will dirty up whatever he's wearing that day real good.  Like yesterday, for example: I did 2 loads of laundry (not tons, but that's all we had to wash at the time) and as soon as the dryer stopped with the last load, Ty throws up his lunch all over his pants and shirt.  That's the kind of thing I would have liked to include in the last load and don't want sitting around for a couple of days.  Also, he managed to blow out onto his onesie a few hours later.  Again, that would have been something I would have appreciated being able to throw in the washing machine.  You may be thinking, "Carolyn, you silly fool--don't wish more laundry upon yourself!"  I don't, but I do wish Ty had better timing. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Sister Rescue: Preface

It was an afternoon like any other.  I had left my phone in the other room and to my great misfortune, had missed 2 whole phone calls!  The time stamps were 4:00 p.m. and 4:10 p.m.  Each missed call was from an older sister of mine and each older sister was requesting my presence in their home for a few days to assist in some way.  Okay, so it wasn't so much of a "rescue" as it was a "helping hand because I'm the sister with not a whole lot going on."  I accepted both offers and took 3 flight legs: Las Vegas to Oakland (then to Fairfield to babysit for Leslie), from Oakland to Long Beach (to help Tina with her "nesting/clean-sweeping"), then Long Beach to Las Vegas.  Ty came with me leaving Russell a bunch of quiet time to focus and study.  We knew we would miss him, but it was a beneficial trip for all parties involved.  In my final cake decorating class (Wilton basics at Joann's) I made this cake.  It's not super impressive, but it did taste good!

In order to not have to pay the baggage fee for Virgin America, I packed all of our (Ty and me) stuff in a duffle bag and his diaper bag and carried them on.  Although we knew we'd be gone for 7 days, we also knew we had use of a washing machine, dryer, and family members' clothing.  (Thanks again for the church clothes, mom.)  And off we went! 

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

I realize that the official day to celebrate Mom's was 2 days ago, but we're keeping the party going all week long in the Gourlie crib!  (And by party, I mean that Russell's studying tons for finals and I'm finding ways to keep myself occupied and keep Ty happy.)  Anyway, we enjoyed a lovely day at church and went to a friend's house for dinner and I was showered with gifts...sort of.  I'm impressed that Russell took some of his alone time last week to go shopping to multiple stores even.  [Side note--we just plugged in a Febreeze air freshener and it smells delish in here!  Come on over and take a big whiff of the air.]  Anyway, instead of breakfast in bed, I made myself a bowl of instant oatmeal--I'm pretty good at that. We did go to Red Robin on Saturday night for my b-day burger and Russell had flowers (in a vase and everything!) at home already.  He also took my watch in and had the battery replaced, which is something I've been meaning to do for awhile, but obviously hadn't done.  My last Mother's Day present was a straw dispenser with lovely plastic straws in it.  This means that Russell was listening when I said that we were almost out of straws, a drinking accessory that only I use.  Good one, Rufflebumpkins!  Ty gave me 0 blow-outs and lots of fun play time (see video), and that's just what I like.  We had a simple, but good day.  I'm not trying to give Russell a break because of finals or try to convince myself that I'm happy with the way the "holiday" turned out, because I'm completely satisfied.  I'm happy to be a mom and for the "moms" I have!

(Pleas pardon the fact that my legs are totally spread-eagle.  It's probably the easiest way to get this chunk-o-chunk-o-burnin-love on my lap.  Seriously, he doesn't really fit so well anymore!) 

P.S. Check this recent convo, please.
Russell:  We need to put up videos of us, too and not just the baby.
C.J.: Like what?
Russell:  I dunno.  Us doing awesome stuff...

Check back in to see if that ever happens...

Monday, May 9, 2011


1) In case you hadn't noticed, our blog recently got a makeover.  I was done with it being all gray/grey and was feeling the need for some color.  Voila!  Please let me know if it hurts your eyes.

2) Russell and I are a perfect match in almost every way.  Here is one apparent way that we are not: when tired, Russell gets sensitive and I get mean.  This means that I say snappy stuff I only half-remember and Russell takes them rough.  Good thing our love can conquer all--even the sleepies!

3) Today is Mother's Day and although it is the first year I can "legitimately" celebrate, we didn't do too much celebrating. Russell has finals next week (5 tests), a continuation of last week and is swamped with studying which I try to support.  In order to do so, I have to understand that I won't be pampered and waited upon and may even need to do the dishes and clean up the front room, which I did.  According to my up-bringing, on Mother's Day I'm not supposed to do these things, but since it's "my" day, I chose to. So there.  Besides, with a lovely Friday the 13th birthday, we'll be celebrating all week long during official Carolyn Celebration Week.  Mark your calendars and make some fun plans. :)