Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pretty Hair...

I have a BUNCH to catch up on, but am putting this on now anyway. Yes, it's a bit of gross story, but I also want to remember the twin's shenanigans. ;) 

Yesterday Ty had gone to the bathroom and came out with his underwear and shorts around his ankles. I was talking to him/lecturing about how we need to complete the whole process like pull up pants, flush, wash hands, etc. before coming out of the bathroom. We brought the step stool into the loo so he could finish doing what he do and the girls had already sneaked in. Lila had Aunt Julia's comb in the toilet water--WHICH HAD NOT BEEN FLUSHED! SO gross. She got a time out because we've gone over not playing in the toilet with her before.

While poor Lolly was on timeout in the laundry room, I see Avery who, at the time, looked innocent. I then notice her hair was a little wet. I saw Ty coming Avery's hair earlier so I asked, "Ty did you use water to comb Avey's hair?"
Ty: No.
Me: You sure? Just the dry comb?
Ty: Yes. (Pretty sure he was telling the truth...)
Me: Avery, do you have pretty hair?
A: [Nods head real big!]
Me: Did you comb your hair with this comb?
A: Ya!
Me: Did you dip it in the toilet?
A: YA!

Nasty! I was a little too grossed out at that point to put Avery on timeout after I'd taken Lila off. These girls are way worse than Ty every was when it comes to a)doing gross stuff b)making messes and c)getting into stuff! With a partner in crime, though, I guess I really can't blame them.  Pee-pee hair or not, they're still pretty cute. :)

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  1. Eww! Grayson plays in the toilet too, which wasn't something Katie ever felt the need to do. I found him dipping toilet paper and attempting to eat it a toilet that hadn't been flushed.

    Sometimes, kids are just nasty!