Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cousin Sawyer's B-day and the JBF!

After we finished up at Disneyland, the littles and I rode back with my dad to Fairfield, CA to spend some time up there and our of Russell's hair while he finished up his final presentation in preparation for graduation.  
While in NorCal, we got to hang out with Leslie, Sawyer, and Carl a bunch!  We even helped to celebrate Sawyer's 3rd birthday!
 Cute 3-year-old Soy
 Funny kid!
 We failed to bring over a 2nd pack-n-play while we were at Curt and Lel's house, so I decided unwisely to just put Avery on Sawyer's bed and put some pillows next to it in case she fell off.  We heard a little squawk, so I ran upstairs and couldn't find her!  I moved the pillows and found her underneath the bed!  Guess we won't try that again.  Oops.
I was excited for Ty to get to go to the Jelly Belly Factory, a Fairfield, CA landmark and our "claim to fame."  This little car was right inside the door and the boys were already having fun!  (And by "fun" I mean fighting over who got to steer...)
 Far-Far, Soy, and Ty watching the chocolate confections being made.

 We had to wait a few minutes before the factory tour started, but Ty was great entertainment for his sisters!
Even the wallpaper was delicious!  The strawberries taste like strawberries, the snozberries taste like snozberries...!  ;)
There's no picture-taking allowed on the candy-making tour, but I assure you Sawyer and Ty's little faces were smashed up against each of the viewing windows watching all of the people, robots, machines, and CANDY!
After the tour, Ty was SO excited to get his own bag of Jelly beans! 
 You can't tell in this picture, but the babies' hats have wet spots and pieces bitten/ripped off.  I realize that it's all safety/food handling policy for everyone on the tour to wear a hat, but Avery and Lila
 The gang outside the factory...minus Sawyer.  (I think Leslie had already picked him up...I hope.)

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