Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Disneyland: The End!

We skipped going back to the hotel for naps and just went ahead with our day.  It just took SO much time out of our day to trek back to the parking garage, unload into our room, get settled into beds, wake up, eat, load back up, yada, yada, yada.  Of course, we suffered the consequences and Ty was beyond tired at the end, but one day nap-free won't kill him.  I'm sure that's not what he remembers about Disneyland, right?  Uh, right?

For being 8-months old and stuck in the stroller for most of the day, the twins really were champs.  Avery was excited to get out and go on "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Daddy!
Yaarrr!!  Lolly must have turned into a pirate on the ride! 
So, we decided to get each of the kids a souvenir, but we didn't know what to actually get for the girls.  What we ended up with was stopping at City Hall on Main St. in Disneyland and picking up (for free) 2 of the "1st Visit" buttons and taking their picture in pink Mickey (well, Minnie) ears.  We didn't actually buy them...just took a picture. 
Lila enjoying her souvenir.  :)
Contrary to the view here, I think everyone actually enjoyed "The Little Mermaid" ride.
This was Ty's souvenir: an expanding sword, light saber-kind of thing with a Mickey face that lit up...he thought it was cool and I definitely can't say he has anything like it!  I don't think he even knew it lit up until it was dark.  Surprise!  We did have a lesson on not hitting people and such...
We waited in line (which really was only about 10 minutes) to see the REAL Lightning McQueen!  Ty was so excited!  He went right up to McQueen's headlights and showed him his Cars shirt.  Sweet magical little Disney moment.
By the time we walked down about 100 yards to the statue of Stanley, Ty was gone.  He was melting down and losing it.
Looks like Ty is so happy.  This is SO not what was happening at this time!  While in line for the Luigi's Flying Tires ride, which I know any other day he would be dying to go on, Ty let his meltdown go into full force.  But we were going on the ride, darn it all!  Luckily the line was outside so I don't think he disturbed too many others.
So even on the ride, this is what Ty looked like.  Crazy tired boy.  (This is not a proud parenting moment.)  I got to ride with Soren, who helped me steer and was quite a good little ride partner!
Are these not the dumbest looking Disneyland hats?! When the heck else would you wear a ding-dong-looking tire on your head? They've got some stiff competition, too.
Ty saw these pictures a bit ago and busted up laughing! 
And the babies didn't quite make it until the end.  If someone pushed me around in a little red recliner, I'd never be awake!
This was Ty before we even left the parking garage!  Good.  We get as much Disney in his system as it would hold.
Tina and I realized we didn't even get any pictures together! (Or any whole-group shots.) Something about taking care of kids...  Glad they live close and came to party with us!
We were pooped by the end and it definitely is a different experience going with little kids, especially 3 under 3.   HUGE thanks to Far-Far (my dad) for joining us.  There's no way we could have gone at all if he didn't agree to come along.  We really had to beg him to go...such a chore to use his Super-Everything-Disney pass to go with his grandkids!  We really did have fun, but it was the kind of fun that will have to wait a few years before we repeat.  If I can convince Russell (and I probably can, because he's so very nice to me), we'll go again just before the twins turn 3...so they're still free, duh!

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