Monday, September 23, 2013

For the Final Time...RUSSELL GRADUATED!!!

While the children and I were hanging out with family in CA, Russell was working his patootie off (well, not all the way off--thank goodness!) on the research project that he had been working on for the past 3 years.  Like his graduate school thesis...  Anyway, I'm going to let Russell fill this part in since, duh, it's all about him!

Earning his cords with his faculty adviser.  This means he's done!  He passed!  Just the official walking with the gown and song and stuff left.  Oh, yeah--and the big ol' bill from the whole fun school process!
Lila totally passed out during her Daddy's ceremony.  In her defense, it was a little long...  Glad Gramma Vicki was there to hold her!
We started as Russell and pregnant Carolyn.  And look at us now!  We're a family!

We're so glad that Big Papa (Russell's dad) and Gramma Vicki came down to commemorate this big event for Russell.  Right after this, we headed to Famous Dave's, a favorite BBQ place of ours that we were happy to introduce to another generation.  (My dad has already been there a number of times; he knows what's up with FD's!)
I really am SO proud.  He put in lots of work--I should know!--not just for his degree and to complete to program, but to start a great career and be a knowledgeable and complete professional. 

As a graduation present, we went with Russell's parents to see KA, the Cirque du Soleil show at the MGM Grand.  It was mind-blowingly amazing!  (Hey, look--no kids!  Thanks a BILLION, Dad, for watching them!)
The generous half of our double date.
After the show we went to Bobby Flay's restaurant (which, FYI, took forever to find/get to), but it was worth it!  This was checking off an item on Vicki's bucket list and it was fun to watch her soak it all in!  Like these tiny, but de-lish lobster tacos.
For UNLV's actual graduation ceremony, which was on a Sunday, my dad helped me get the kids ready and we ended up right next to Big Papa and Gramma Vicki!  Lucky us: we got to pack into the stadium for a few hours to see Russell's hooding ceremony.  Luckier us: we have babies who needed to get home and take a nap, so we left shortly after the Physical Therapy class was all graduated.  So, thanks, children. :)

We fairly easily spotted Russell sitting down with the other graduates.  It was nice that he was sitting on the end of a row, too!  Also nice that he wasn't lost in the sea of red...
Your fans, Dr. Russell.  :)  (Nevermind the fact that Avery looks a little...okay, a lot disheveled.  She arrived at the event just as dressed as Lila was, but that girl is squirmy!)
Here's a question: who' s SO handsome...
SO smart...
SO officially graduated (apparently, the red and white is UNLV and the green is Health on his hood)...
And has 2 thumbs?  This guy!
Ladies and gentlemen: Dr. Russell Gourlie, PT, DPT
Love 'im.  Even though he did all of the schoolwork and I was many times more of a distraction than a help with the whole studying and school thing, I'd like to think that we still kinda went through it together. 
All Ty's ever known is his daddy being in school!  There is life beyond graduate school, so they say...

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