Monday, September 23, 2013

I Lied to Ty.

A little while ago Russell and I talked about whether or not we would lie to our kids.  Ya know, the little white lie, fib kind that parents sometimes use to trick their children or avoid a problem.  We didn't really come up with an answer.

Well, Ty was supposed to be going to sleep (for a nap?) and he heard some music playing: an ice cream truck.  Now, I give my kids plenty of treats, but they don't need to know quite yet about the over-priced, stale gumball in the middle, never-as-good-as-you-hope ice cream truck.  So the subject was avoided.  He was supposed to be going to sleep. 

Instead of telling him it was a truck playing music to entice kids to waste their parents' money, I said he was hearing a lullaby for another kid.  Then we got to go through the barrage of questions: "Who is it for?  What's the kid's name? Why are they playing it?  What's a lullaby?  Can I have more water?"  I hope the ice cream truck puts him to sleep every time he hears it...that could be kinda funny.  :)

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  1. Haha! I cracked up when I read this. I don't even know how old our kids were when they found out that the "music truck" actually sold ice cream! I know the oldest couple were in elementary school already! And then I was in trouble!

    And congrats to Russell on his graduation. I didn't comment, but enjoyed reading the last couple of posts. Way to go!